Why Motionwear

In an attic sewing room in the late 80's, a growing frustration for poor fitting leotards led Emily Wilson to create a leotard for her young daughter, Erin. What happened in that attic sewing room ignited a passion in Emily that ultimately led her to create the Motionwear brand you know today, perfecting the fit and quality throughout Erin's dance career.

From outgrowing each space we've called home, to expanding internationally, the Motionwear family has made great strides, committed to an ever-growing impact in the world of dancewear, gymnastics and cheer .

Regardless of how big we've grown, we remain deeply committed to 3 very important things...

  1. From the moment Emily Wilson sewed that very first leotard for her daughter in her home all those years ago, we have remained committed to continuing to manufacture the majority of Motionwear garments right here in our home, the USA. This has allowed us the opportunity to create American jobs and maintain our American standard of quality.

  1. Motionwear was created because fresh, high-quality fabrics and just-right fits were lacking in the dancewear marketplace. We continue to focus on high-quality standards, performance-testing every garment’s fabric and fit on real dancers to maintain our reliability and durability.

  1. We want to satisfy every single Motionwear customer: We think of our customers as part of our family, and for that reason your happiness is our top priority. Every time you open a Motionwear catalog we hope that you are reminded that we care about you and your needs, because it's your enthusiasm and love of performance that keeps us going every day.

We’re thrilled you’re here. And we’re sure that you’ll make some exciting discoveries as you move through the site.

Thank you so very much for being a member of the Motionwear family.

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