Our Innovative Fabrics

From the start, Motionwear has been committed to delivering superior quality with all of our products. Our careful selection of fabrics is a key factor in delivering on that goal. Our line of dance apparel is constructed with materials that are designed to be flexible while maintaining structure through repeated washings. Also, because of innovative technology, our fabrics are highly resistant to fading. The following are descriptions of our superior fabrics:


Silkskyn, which is exclusive to Motionwear, was developed to meet the specific demands of dancers, performers and athletes. The microfiber construction combined with moisture wicking properties provide an ideal balance of comfort during high intensity activity. The weave and yarn technology in Silkskyn makes it very soft and supple … like a second skin to the wearer. Silkskyn also is extremely durable, with excellent stretch and recovery properties. Our Silkskyn products are machine washable and dry three times faster than cotton.


Motionwear Dri-Line is a modern microfiber polyester fabric with superior softness and moisture wicking. Consisting of a combination of polyester and Spandex, Dri-Line fabrics are ideally suited for active performers. The yarn-dyed microfiber fabric also is a favorite because of its exceptional softness.


Motionwear Cotton is a soft, heavy jersey knit with plenty of spandex for stretch and support. Motionwear Cotton holds color well, holds shape wash after wash and provides comfortable fit.

ClassWear Cotton

Motionwear ClassWear Cotton is a soft knit with spandex for stretch and durability. Motionwear ClassWear is colorfast and an excellent value choice.

Tencel ®

Motionwear Tencel is a luxurious, soft fabric that truly maximizes comfort and function. Yet, the strength of Tencel fibers lend to clothing that is durable and hold color well. The fabric is breathable, absorbent and environmentally friendly.

Shine On

Motionwear Shine On is a dazzling effect of shine from a solid foil on top of high quality nylon spandex.

* Tencel is registered trademark of the Lenzing company.