Models in Motion


 Join Motionwear’s Brand Ambassador Program!

Are you a dancer or athlete who’s moved to go the extra mile in everything you do? 

Do you step up front to lead the pack, rather than falling back and following the crowd?

Would you like an opportunity to channel your talent and energy toward inspiring and empowering others?

Sounds like you were made to be a Motionwear Model!

What is ‘Models in Motion’?

At Motionwear, the marquee name in superior-quality, high-performance dance basics for more than 30 years, we welcome active young people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to apply for our exclusive brand ambassador program. 

As a Motionwear Model, you’ll bring our activewear to life on the web, on social media and in nationwide marketing campaigns. You’ll uplift our extensive online community, making a lasting impact on our audience with your artistry and attitude. 

You’ll also reap some amazing personal benefits! Models in Motion offers active young people the chance to:

  • Gain exposure on the web and social media;

  • Build your resume with professional experience

  • Expand your network by collaborating with our designers and other models/brand ambassadors;

  • Showcase your style in fashion shows and photo shoots;

  • Make lasting memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

How does Models in Motion work? 

Our Selection Committee will evaluate your application, and if selected, models will receive hand-selected shipments of Motionwear styles to showcase on social media. When you post pictures and videos wearing your Motionwear gear, you’ll get unlimited “facetime” across multiple media platforms. 

In addition to social media exposure, you’ll have the chance to help promote Motionwear basics in catalogs, email marketing campaigns and exclusive features on our website. Motionwear Models are also invited to participate in brand photoshoots and company events. 

Who should apply?

The ideal Motionwear Model possesses all of the following qualities:

  • Dance or athletic experience

  • Passion for performing

  • Outgoing personality

  • Upbeat attitude

  • Desire to grow personally and professionally 

Ready to make your move and embark on an exciting new adventure? Fill out an application for ‘Models in Motion’ today!