Dance Underwears

As a dancer, you have high expectations of yourself. And every , piece of your dancewear should be up to the task of supporting you through your dance practices and performances. Motionwear’s collection of dance undergarments are no exception. Designed to provide maximum comfort, our dance underwear features details like high leg cuts and quality breathable materials. We also carry a selection of supportive bras, camisole leotards and dance soles to make dancing effortless.

The collection is available in nude tones to complement various skin tones, providing a flawless foundation for your dance outfit.


Cami Sole


When you’ve got a lot of spins, twirls and other footwork to do in the studio, our Cami Sole protects the balls of your feet quite nicely. Simply pull on the mesh soles over your large toe, secure them with the strap and you’re...

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Dance Soles


Motionwear’s lightweight Dance Soles provide the protection and support needed to keep up momentum on turns while minimizing risk. Constructed in a light, breathable fabric, their footpads are durable yet thin enough to deliver maximum...

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Team Briefs


Highly versatile and wearable for a variety of performing arts, Motionwear’s Team Briefs feature a moderate rise to maintain modesty and a comfortable, low leg opening designed to stay in place. This dance apparel best seller moves with...

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