Tips For Returning To Dance After A Break

Posted by Motionwear Team on Oct 5th 2020

While dance studios all over the world adjusted quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic by moving their classes online, not all dancers went along for the ride. Whether it was due to family economic challenges, “Zoom fatigue” from having to attend school all day in a virtual setting, or even a lack of dancing space in their homes, some kids opted to “socially distance” themselves from their dance communities for a period of time.

As studios cautiously begin to open back up for in-person classes, how do dancers get back in the groove after a long break? Dance is a demanding activity, physically and mentally. It can be a daunting challenge to return to form following a hiatus, while avoiding injury and staying upbeat through the inevitable bumps in the road.

Here at Motionwear, a leading provider of high-performance dance basics, we understand how vital it is to keep moving through stressful times -- even if you think you’re moving slowly. In this post, we offer five helpful tips for a successful dance “comeback” after COVID-19 quarantine.

Remember Your ‘Why’

Fear can be a great motivator when it comes to avoiding a challenge. When getting back into any activity, it’s easy to let fear of embarrassment, or of “not being up to speed” with the other dancers, hold you back. That’s why it’s important to remember why you love dance, and why you started dancing in the first place. Begin by defining your purpose, which will help you rediscover your passion, and motivation is sure to follow.

Don’t Rush It

Patience is so difficult! You want to just do all the things you used to do, and you want to do them now! The good news is, if you show up and work hard, you will get back all the skills you had before you took a break. But rushing the process puts you at risk for injury, and there are few things more discouraging than that. So, take it slow. Trust your teachers. Trust your body. A few days or even weeks of easing back into dance, and you’ll not only be up to speed -- and healthy -- you’ll be growing and improving.

Focus On Yourself

Just like scrolling through Instagram and feeling bad that you don’t look a certain way or have certain things, comparing yourself to dance classmates can have a discouraging effect. It can also distract you from the work you have to do. Everyone is different and is on their own journey. Don’t turn this into a contest. Your only competition is you!

Try New Things

If easing back into dance feels like a bit of a drag, keeping an open mind can provide a much-needed boost. You’ve hit your reset button and started a new adventure! Are there opportunities in your studio to learn a different type of dance? Take them. Is your teacher presenting you with a challenge? Accept it. You might discover a completely different side of yourself you didn’t know existed.

Ask For Help

Lean on your support system when you’re struggling. That’s good advice in any transition period, whether it’s in the dance studio or “real life.”

Studio owners and their students have had plenty of adjusting to do in these uncertain times, whether it’s in how they train their bodies or in how they frame their attitudes. At Motionwear, we make high-quality fashion leotards for dancers of all ages, knowing that looking great can inspire confidence and positivity while taking on a daunting challenge.

We believe the ability to dance is a gift, and staying in motion can help us to navigate uncertainty while building a brighter future. We wish health and happiness to all the dancers transitioning back to the studio this fall!