How COVID-19 Changed The Way We Shop For Clothes

Posted by Motionwear Team on Aug 27th 2020

How Has The COVID-19 Pandemic Changed The Way We Shop For Clothes?

Staying active has always been an important contributor to good physical and mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic has made movement absolutely essential for overall wellness and stress relief.

At Motionwear, leading providers of activewear for dancers, athletes and people on the go, we know that the clothes we wear when engaging in our favorite activities directly impacts how we feel about ourselves and how we experience the world.

However, living through a global health crisis has altered the way we view everything, even our wardrobes. Our priorities are different, and shopping for clothes just doesn’t feel the same as it once did. We’re more mindful of our needs and more intentional about our choices.

More than ever, we’re focusing on these four factors when we shop:

  • Versatility -- As budgets tighten, we’re downsizing our closets and adopting a “less is more” mentality toward possessions. We don’t want to keep acquiring things that get buried in closets; we want what we have to be useful and to last a long time. Cute clothes you can wear anywhere are clothes worth the investment!
  • Value -- Quality over quantity! We want to get the most bang for our buck, rather than stocking up on inexpensive, poor quality items.
  • Comfort -- We’re spending much more time at home these days, doing our jobs and attending school and dance classes via Zoom, and if we don’t have to squeeze into constricting outfits, we don’t want to! We want clothes that allow us to get right up from a virtual work meeting to go out for a jog -- and look good doing it!
  • Source -- Practicing social distancing for several months has made us truly appreciate our communities. After watching our favorite small businesses struggle to survive the economic downturn, we’re committed to supporting our local retailers whenever we can.

Motionwear understands the changing needs of active people in these uncertain times. For three decades, our company has been creating superior-quality dancewear basics that easily transition from the studio to the street or the sports arena.

We’re widely known for our luxurious leotards, but our products transcend the world of dance to fit and flatter active people of all ages. Our stylish sports bras, leggings and shorts are crafted to fit and flatter any body type, whether you’re perfecting your steps in dance class, honing your tumbling skills at gymnastics or cheerleading practice, or going for a “kill” on the volleyball court. From running through a dance routine in rehearsal, to running through the park for a workout, to running errands around town, Motionwear moves with you!

Like you, we’re also dedicated to supporting local businesses. Our love of community inspired our SHOP LOCAL program, which offers customers rewards for buying Motionwear products at their neighborhood dancewear retailer.

Browse through our website to view our entire collection of versatile, comfortable activewear that’s always a great value. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to place an order, and if you’d like to participate in SHOP LOCAL, visit your local Motionwear retailer today!