6 Non-Dance Activities That Can Make You A Better Dancer

Posted by Motionwear Team on Mar 2nd 2021

Dance is extremely demanding, and to be great, you have to spend a lot of time in the studio, perfecting your technique and preparing for performances. There’s no way around that!

However, what you do outside the studio can actually make you a better dancer, while building confidence, staving off burnout and helping you grow as a person, all at the same time!

Sound intriguing? Read on as we break down six non-dance activities that can complement your dance training in a big way.

  • Yoga — Aside from being great for flexibility, balance and body awareness, yoga teaches dancers to calm their minds and control their breathing. It’s also non-competitive, so it provides a nice mental break from the pressures of the stage.
  • Pilates — Develops long, lean muscle and builds core strength to help dancers improve their overall stability and avoid injury.
  • Gymnastics/Cheer — Dancers can benefit greatly frombranching out into new athletic communities, and both gymnastics and cheerleading offer team-building opportunities in addition to the obvious physical skill development.Many studios offer acro classes to help dancers build strength, flexibility and coordination while learning fun tricks, but joining a gymnastics team or cheerleading squad can help dancers get more involved in activities at school, thereby expanding their social network.
  • Skating — Many of the world’s top skaters honed their skills in ballet class, but you don’t need to have Olympic dreams to benefit from time at the rink. Not only does skating help with balance, coordination and overall muscle and joint strength, it’s a lot of fun!
  • Musical Theater — Dance isn’t just about technique; it’s about telling a story! Dancers have to get into character in order to “sell” a piece of choreography and connect with their audience. Musical theater is a great way to hone those performance skills and work on self-expression.
  • Making music — Playing an instrument and/or singing teaches you how to count, as well as how to hear the rhythm and beats of the music — all necessary requirements in dance. It also teaches patience and discipline, and most importantly, it inspires joy.

All of these activities provide immense physical, mental, emotional and social benefits while providing a break from the daily grind in the studio. In these tumultuous times, any opportunity to let off steam and express yourself is a good thing!

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