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Our Tank Leotard with Next Day Shipping offers a classic form, featuring comfortable wide straps and arm and leg openings. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited movement in a leotard that remains modestly in place, whatever move you make. Wear it as a basic or a foundation piece with other Motionwear dance apparel. Sizes will fit toddlers, girls, teens and adults.


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Product Quality =  *****  100%
Product Fit =  *****  100%
Customer Service =  *****  100%
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Jennifer B

01/30/2016, 07:33 PM

Product Quality =  *****
Product Fit =  *****
Customer Service =  *****
Shipping =  *****
Overall Rating =  *****
My daughter has been taking gymnastics since the age of 2 and she is now 18. I started buying her gymnastic outfits at places like K-mart and Walmart but they never held up after about two washes. After doing some searches I found and I have bought all of my daughters outfits since then and from day one they still look brand new beautiful and never 1 even though they have been worn hundreds of times and you would not even be able to tell the difference. Never fading never shrinking or ripping in places that should not be ripped. I love your products my daughter love your products and hopefully if I have a granddaughter one day she will be wearing your products too. And I see all of her outfit that she no longer fits into so they will be made in to hand me downs to someone very special!!! Thanks for beautifully made clothing. Sincerely, Jennifer B, New Jersey.
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