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Want to carry Motionwear?

Here's an invitation to become a Motionwear Retail Partner. Benefits of becoming a Motionwear Retail Partner include:

  • Access to Motionwear Dance Basics - the required apparel for the Boston Ballet School
  • Access to best in dance fashion, offered 3 times per year
  • Motionwear Gymnastics - We've got you covered. From practice to competition. No recycled looks, all new, all bright and fresh
  • Team Wear - You can cover teams of all kinds with best fit, performance fabrics, and great value
  • Classwear - high quality for the budget-minded dancer
  • Underwears - foundation garments with performance in mind
  • Cheer Kids & Motionwear Cheer - Expand your store horizons with Cheer! A new category with heritage. We are the Cheer Leaders.
  • Dealer Direct - place your orders online 24/7. View what's in stock too.

Motionwear is an exclusive line. Click here to request contact about becoming a Motionwear Retail Partner.

Current Motionwear Partners

Motionwear Dealer Direct

  • This is Motionwear Retail Partners way to place and view Motionwear orders 24/7 on the web.
  • In Dealer Direct you can see what's in stock and status of your orders too.
  • It's perfect for those days when you got too busy to call or end up doing order work after store hours, we've all been there...
  • We made it easy, with directions to use included in the help section.
  • You get the same speed of order processing and can always call and talk to Customer Service if you need addtional help.

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