The Story Behind Motionwear and Boston Ballet

“For more than a decade, Motionwear has been a generous and strategic partner to Boston Ballet. Their company is not only keenly aware of our student’s needs, but also hugely supportive of Boston Ballet’s position as a national institution. Motionwear’s contributions toward high-level professional training objectives and widespread community engagement indicate just how fully they have embraced the mission of this organization.”

-Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director, Boston Ballet

Boston Ballet School in Motionwear

Over 10 years ago the Boston Ballet School was struggling with their dress code. They were having issues getting the color selection they wanted, the fit they wanted, and most importantly they were struggling to get anything on time. It was at that point that they discovered Motionwear. The Boston Ballet School realized that Motionwear‘s broad selection of colors would enable them to have each level distinguished from the next, as well as bringing an added level of professionalism to the school through their uniforms. Boston Ballet School selected Motionwear as the uniform at that point, and through the years the relationship between Motionwear and the Boston Ballet has only grown. A couple years after their selection to switch over to Motionwear for their uniform, Motionwear made the step to become the official leotard of the Boston Ballet School. Recently Motionwear has began to have even more of a presence with the Boston Ballet. At the conclusion of their 2014-2015 season, Motionwear hosted a night at the ballet event for the retailers who have helped build the partnership over the years. The event included a wine and appetizer mixer with the staff of the Boston Ballet Schools and the Boston Ballet followed by their Thrill of Contact performance. During intermission we were invited down to the Benefactors Lounge to meet with Mikko Nissinen, the Artistic Director of Boston Ballet. It was an incredible experience to bring everyone in one room and celebrate the successes that we have had, and the future of success that lies ahead of us.

We look forward to seeing what other opportunities this partnership brings, as well as building this wonderful relationship with other schools across the United States.

Taking the Fear out of Cheer

A few weeks ago the Motionwear Cheer Division crew traveled to San Antonio, Texas to attend the Sports Inc buying show.  Athletic apparel buyers traveled from all over the United States to attend the show to learn about manufacturer’s new products and programs.

The Motionwear Cheer Division held a 30 minute seminar, prior to the show opening, for dealers to learn more about the industry.  Our seminar covered topics such as the state of the cheerleading industry, who is the competition, who is Motionwear, and Motionwear product information.  Most dealers realize that Cheer is a huge opportunity in their business, and that it can bring in big money. The fear of the unknown, though, keeps them from expanding in to the Cheer industry. We wanted to take this opportunity to educate them, and help to take the fear out of Cheer.

The most important thing we covered is the question being raised over the last year or so: What if cheerleading becomes a sport?  It has already been petitioned to the Olympic committee as well as the NCAA.  With this being said the relationships between the Dealers and the Athletic Director’s in the schools need to be leveraged and the conversation of cheer with those school officials needs to be opened. At the conclusion of the seminar we received positive feedback, and look forward to holding more seminars to help alleviate the fears of dealers looking to expand into Cheer.

Several of our sales representatives were in attendance to help answer specific questions after the seminar as well as myself, Hannah Wilbur (our In-house Cheer Specialist), and Ann Walsh (our National Sales Manager).

-Cheer Sales Manager

Motionwear Cheer at Sports Inc Summer Show
Pictured L-R
Ann Walsh (National Sales Manager), Jerry Coff (Cheer Sales Representative), Hannah Wilbur (In House Cheer Specialist)