The Motionwear Apparel Advantage

With so many apparel brands to choose from we want to take a moment today and talk about why so many studios, gyms, and students choose Motionwear.

Motionwear is a brand that has been chosen by organizations such as the Boston Ballet School as their official leotard for many years. Why have so many organizations chosen Motionwear? Because of the outstanding quality, fit, and comfort of our apparel. All of our products are also proudly designed and sewn in the United States at our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. This helps ensure the quality of our products maintains the excellence it has had from day one.

Motionwear began over 25 years ago when Emily Wilson was tired of watching her aughter and her daughter’s class mates tug, pull, and adjust their leotards throughout ballet class. She realized that instead of focusing on their teacher they were focused on trying to adjust the fit of their leotard. It was in that moment that Emily decided to try to create better fitting leotards, starting with her daughter. Since then the company has grown to equip not only dancers, but also gymnasts and cheerleaders with all of their apparel needs. With each division we grow into we ensure that we assess the athletes and their needs and ensure our products will keep them moving towards their dreams.

As our brand has expanded throughout the years, Motionwear has continued to perfect the fit and quality of our apparel. With the growing “athleisure” trend in activewear, Motionwear will be launching their Motion 4 Life activewear line on the web on July 1st. Expanding our quality and fit to reach a new audience of consumers. Make sure to check back next week to see the products and hear about our perspective on the “athleisure” trend.