2015 Cheer Photo Shoot Live Blog

Check back here all day today for live updates and exclusive behind the scenes photos from our Motionwear cheer photo shoot! We will give you all the exciting details that we normally keep top secret…

2:10pm | We are busy finalizing all the last minute details to ensure the cheer photo shoot goes as smoothly as possible. Our models are set to begin arriving in 45 minutes and we can’t wait to get the fun started!

makeup for motionwear photo shoot

3:45pm | Lighting is being tested and we are getting ready to start the photo shoot! The models are in hair and make up getting camera ready, and we can’t wait to see our new line of products under the lights.

Models in hair and makeup for photo shoot

4:15pm | And we’re off! First shots of photo shoot day are looking amazing! We love all of the sparkle and bling, and we know you will too.

First shot of the day for the Motionwear photo shoot


4:40pm | You know we mean business when the industrial fan comes out during a photo shoot! The fun is just getting started, and the hair is definitely blowing.

Adjust our models at the photo shoot


5:15pm | These new styles are fabulous. All the hard work that our design department has put in over the last few months has definitely paid off!

New products for the photo shoot


6:25pm | Break time for some snacks before we get back to it!

6:45pm | We are back at it! But not before we have a little fun. If you’ve ever wondered where our models learned to pose so well at our photo shoots, check out the brains behind our cheer division.

Photo shoot fun


7:52pm | Getting ready to shoot the last shot of the day! It’s been a blast… Hang in there for one final behind the scenes photo after we’ve called it a day!

Photo shoot fun


7:55pm | THAT’S A WRAP!!! Another fabulous photo shoot in the books!

Another photo shoot completed