Motionwear Spotlights Indianapolis Dancer, Michelle Meltzer

Motionwear spotlights Indianapolis dancer, Michelle Meltzer for her dedication to the arts.

Indianapolis dancer, Michelle Meltzer, has been dancing her entire life. “My mother enrolled me in my first dance class when I was three years old; however, I developed a deeper love and appreciation of dance much later on in my training” says Meltzer. Meltzer’s first professional experience working with a dance company was at nine years old, where she performed with Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre in Dracula.

She grew to love the modern style of the company and chose to focus primarily on modern dance until she was sixteen. “At around fifteen, I met one of the most influential mentors and teachers in my life, Victoria Lyras. Her wonderful staff of artists, including my teachers: Michelle Merrell and Kristin Hakala, inspired me each day to pursue a new dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.”

Currently at Indiana University’s Ballet Department, Meltzer says being accepted has been a pivotal stepping-stone in her career. “Working with Violette Verdy has been the greatest gift I could ask for. Her watchful eye and delicate attention to detail has inspired me to narrow my focus and refine my technique. She gives her life to her students, myself included, caring more about the soul within over the dancer without.”

Meltzer plans to dance professionally in a ballet company and continue to work hard and expand her dancing range until she retires. She also plans to continue teaching ballet and giving back to the community. Meltzer said some of the best advice she’s been given is “You can do everything you need to do, as well as what you choose to do, just not all at once.”

“I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Experiences in my life, whether good or bad, have taught me valuable lessons that I continue to carry with me,” says Meltzer in response to the ability to do something over in her career.