Press Release: Motionwear Awards Alabama Studio Cash Prize for “Why My Studio Rocks” Program

Winners of the “Why My Studio Rocks” campaign.INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (September 26, 2012) – Motionwear, the Indianapolis-based dance apparel manufacturer, announces the winner for their “Why My Studio Rocks” program in effort to shine a spotlight on the winning studio. Motionwear acknowledged Dream Makers Dance Studio in Columbiana, Alabama, by awarding them a $500 cash prize.

“This is amazing and came at a much needed time.“ – Jenny Lepsi, Dream Makers Dance Studio.

“She uses dance as our therapy and a place to escape,” explained one student of Dream Makers Dance Studio. “We are in such a small little town in the middle of Alabama. All we have is a gym. No barres, mirrors, mats; only love and passion.”

The “Why My Studio Rocks” campaign seeks to highlight studios for their work in the dance community. Studios and students submitted a written essay detailing why their studio should win. Motionwear realizes that studios play an integral role in the life of the dancer and is the foundation of where the dancer’s dreams come to life.

“As a father whose daughter danced her entire young adult life,” says Motionwear VP Sales and Marketing, “there is no question that my daughter’s experiences in the studio were the main reasons she loved the art and danced so long. We wanted to bring the fun exposure to the winning studio and give back as well.”