Motionwear Reduces Carbon Footprint!

Our earth is precious, and Motionwear believes we all need to make an effort to protect it. We have recently made company-wide efforts and will regularly look at improvement initiatives to lower our carbon footprint. Here are a few things we are doing to be kinder to our environment:

Reduction of waste:
■ We re-engineered processes in our cutting operations reducing overall trash weight by 30%; that’s 10,000 pounds per year!
■ Invested in new software to optimize fabric use reducing waste by 4%; a reduction of over 15,000 pounds per year!
Minimize overall electrical usage:
■ Installed new fresh air intake systems to reduce electricity used for climate control.
■ Upgrading machine motors to increase electrical efficiency.

Reuse, recycle and reduce. We have implemented the 3 Rs initiative from the board room to the loading dock. At Motionwear, we’re working every day to bring you the best — and environmentally friendly — dance, gymnastics, cheer and team apparel.